Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the Evil Us

On Halloween a few years ago, we started this OTHER band

Like many great horror movies, what began as a joke eventually morphed into something a bit more sinister.

Cut to the present: our evil twins have captured what amounts to a 7 song album, and are now wrestling with it, poking it, shaping it into a lean, mean, well toned beast, poised to strike out at the world with deadly venomous rage.

Tomorrow, Feb 10th this beast will be let loose at John Zorn's club the Stone (corner of 2nd st. & Avenue C in manhattan)

8pm. Be there.


kumaraisin said...

Hey, I just got a blog account just so I could tell you how much I like your band, I'm pretty late onto it but better late than never. Hope you guys are doing well enough to keep making music, if you ever tour England then I know I'll be there.

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