Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sick Sick Sicks


We're coming off a little bout with some sort of cold, don't worry I don't think it's swine flu...

The last couple of weeks have been jam packed with band activity. I mean non-stop. We were visited by the French band Novels, played a bunch of shows with them in CT and Brooklyn, and shared a split recording session with Scott Norton at Headgear Recording Studio. Our track is called 'Head Technician' and is being mastered by Joe LaPorta at the Lodge in NYC. Watch out that's coming soon!

Last saturday we played what will be our last NY show for a while at Brooklyn's DIY venue House of Yes. Thanks to Renminbi, Bits & Pisces, KC Quilty and Miniboone for playing! Pictures by LD of Bits and Pisces and video by Nikkie of Coceyea

Tomorrow morning we embark on another leetle tour. Excited to be playing at the Siena School! Followed by a benefit show for Invisible Children! With art by J.Coleman! Followed by a stop at the Cucalorus Film Festival! And on to Chapel Hill with Cracker Creeptacular! Wrapping up saturday at Backdoor Skatepark (always wanted to play at a skatepark!) in Greenville, NC.

After all that we're going to hunker down for a few months of intensive writing and recording. Lots of ideas in the works. Stay tuned...